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Spy Camera Pen in Lahore. Call 03009533102

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Lahore, Punjab

Price: Rs.3,499

Our Magic Pen is the worlds thinnest Spy Pen Camera with
up to 2,4, & 8 GB Capacity. Now it is time to get rid of those
ugly cheap unrealistic pen cameras " if " available in the market.
Our thinnest pen cam is with many more functions that were
never available before in a video pen camera.
Thinnest Spy Pen Camera; Smallest Pen DVR; Spy Pen Cam
Video; Pen Recorder; Pen AV Recorder; Spy Pen Recorder;
Micro Pen Cam; Pen Camcorder up to 8 GB built in; Spy Pen
Cam plus TF, 1.3 MP Still Image.
4 Cool Functions include:

Video Recording
Still Image
Your Data Traveler USB / Pen Drive and sophisticatedly

designed Pen

Specs and Features are as following:

Video file: 640*480 CIF resolution - IMAGE 1.3 MP Video.
Formats: AV1,recommended player rainstorm audio and video,
KM Player, Mplayer and other multi-format support
of the media player.
Working time: 2 hours.
Battery type: High-capacity lithium battery.
Standard port: Plug in straight standard USB.
Body size:13.8*1.3cm/36.2g.

Cash on Delivery Available Anywhere in Pakistan.
For Order: Call 03009533102 03451110955 03451110956
Or visit:

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Published on
Lahore, Punjab

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